Logan County Republicans will hold their monthly luncheon Monday, August 10 at noon at the American Legion, 120 Colton Avenue in Bellefontaine. 

Guest speaker will be Senator Rob McColley.

Please wear your mask and remember social distancing.

Logan County Republican Party Goals (as adopted on March, 2017)
1. Commit to elect and support qualified, loyal, competent and professional Republican candidates through education, donations and volunteering in their campaigns at all levels of government to create a stronger party of equality and opportunity for all and favoritsm for none.
2. Fill all vacancies on Central Committee.
3. Publish an electronic newsletter quarterly, assigning each officeholder (one from the city and one from the county) to prepare an article for the publication. 
4. Hold annual spring and fall dinners and monthly meetings open to all Republicans. Host bi-monthly informal gatherings. 
5. Update our website to help improve communication and keep our media outlets well informed. Develop a mission statement.
6. Register voters and encourage participation of all Republican voters and ages through the county by absentee voting and making sure like-minded voters have the means to get to their polling place.  
7. Building our Century Club to a membership of 100 and increase donations to the party. 
8. The strength of our party lies in volunteers and donors; therefore, we need to increase our participation in community events to help serve the unique needs of our community, e.g. drug and mental health, parades, Christmas tree decorating, county fair, boat show, etc. 
9. Have a county headquarters in the Presidential election year and/or a virtual headquarters each gubernatorial election. 
10. Word toward being leaders by preserving each person's dignity and live our lives based on individual choices, not by choices our government makes. 
Important Voter Information
For the first time ever with the implementation of Senate Bill 63,  Ohioans are now able to register to vote online. I am proud to say that Ohio’s election process will be more convenient and less expensive as a result. 

This Bill took effect on January 1st, 2017 where Ohio’s new online voter registration system allows Ohioans with access to the internet to submit their new voter registrations or update their voting address online at  To complete the voter registration online, voters must provide their name, address, date of birth, the last four digits of their social security number, and an Ohio driver’s license or state ID card number. Those who prefer using the hardcopy method still are able to register  to vote by mail or in-person at their local Board of Elections office. 

After submitting the required information, the system immediately verifies the voter’s eligibility prior to accepting the registration. The Ohio Secretary of State is required to annually review the database to ensure that there are no non-U.S. citizens registered to vote.  This new system is based on a successful model used in other states such as Arizona, which  has used a similar electronic registration arrangement for over a decade with zero reports of security breaches or voter fraud. 

Paper registration forms require significantly more processing, which translates to increased administrative fees. Hopefully, the new system will save Ohio's taxpayers millions of dollars in reduced administrative costs. It has been calculated that online registration saves an average of between $0.50 and $2.34 per registration. 

The new system helps to streamline an outdated process, allowing Ohioans easier access to submit and update their voter registration information. With changing times this will hopefully encourage younger people to register,  participate in our electoral process and exercise their constitutional right.Please visit for more information.

Century Club Levels of Support
Bronze $150 per household
Silver $300 per household
Gold $500 per household
Platinum $1000 per household