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Dear Logan County Resident:
Welcome to the Logan County Republican website!  This website is a tool for voters and party members to learn how to get involved, learn about the issues, find volunteer opportunities, learn about our candidates, and see scheduled events. 
The website is a valuable part to our party’s goals and mission.  This year’s election is going to require a lot of grassroots efforts to get Republicans elected this November and we are looking forward to YOUR help.  The stakes are high from the local level to thestate level.  If you would like to get involved and learn where you can help please do not hesitate to contact any the Logan County GOP leadership.  
While you are here, take a moment to learn about our candidates and the goal of the Republican Party.  We are excited about Election Day and we are ready to work hard to elect Republicans.
Ranae Lentz
Logan County GOP Executive Committee Chair

 2013 Executive Committee- Chairperson Ranae Lentz

Joe Antram, Bill Bayliss, John Bayliss, Paul Benedetti, Patty Chamberlain, Scott Coleman, Jim Duff, Scott Duff, Keitha Dugan, Linda Erwin-Hutchins, Robert Erwin, Joe Freyhoff, Bill Goslee, Linda Hanson, Dave Knight, Nancy Knight, Ranae Lentz, Robert Lentz, Bill Montgomery, Janice Moore, Jack Reser, Andy Smith, Howard A. Traul, Dottie Tuttle, Tara Wagner, Patry Watkins, Dustin Wickersham, Rene Winner, Dara Wren, Anthony Core (Honorary Member), Joyce Core (Honorary Member), Eileen Miksch (Honorary Member), Maxine Wingo (Honorary Member) and Richard Vicario (Honorary Member)

2013 Central Committee- Chairman Steven Fansler

First Ward- Jack Reser

Second Ward A- Ranae Lentz

Second Ward B- Linda Erwin-Hutchins

Second Ward C- Howard Traul

Second Ward D- Roger Brown

Third Ward-

Fourth Ward A- Jonathan Kunze

Fourth Ward B- Earl Hildreth

Bloomfield- Wilson Anderson

Bokescreek- Tom Seeley

West Mansfield- 

Harrison- Patty Chamberlain

Jefferson- William Montgomery

Zanesfield/Valley Hi- Marilyn Scheiderer

Lake- Susan Wish

Liberty- Chuck Earick

West Liberty-

McArthur- Jamie Ross

Miami- Carl Dammeyer

DeGraff- Brian Knight

Monroe- Steve Fansler

Perry- Melanie Baker

Pleasant- Victor Klingelhofer

Richland- Dave Miracle

Belle Center- Bill McCormick

Rushcreek- John Bayliss

Stokes North- Bill Winkleman

Stokes Southeast- Vera Miller

Stokes West - Joe Antram

Lakeview- Ryan Shoffstall

Union- Nancy Harmon

Washington North- Don Thompson

Washington South- Dave Corwin

Russells Point- Janice Moore

Zane- Nick Vesely